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Marketing Aptitude - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answers for SBI Exam | Page-10

91 In the cash of goods where consumer normally compares price, quality delivery, etc are called
A staple goods
B derived goods
C specialty goods
D shopping goods
E luxury goods

Answer: Option [D]
92 Market share can be increased by increasing
A the sales
B competition
C raw material cost
D sethe sales staff
E the staff strength

Answer: Option [A]


93 Good marketing strategy envisage good and have which of proper
A networking of branches
B placement of counter staff
C high pricing
D product distribution
E relationship management

Answer: Option [E]
94 Marketing plan helps in
A better systems
B better customer service
C better lead generations
D better results
E improve balance sheet

Answer: Option [D]
95 Market segmentation is required
A for territory allocation
B for increasing profits
C to increase production
D for focused marketing
E for avoiding cold calls

Answer: Option [B]
96 Which one of the following best describes the term ‘negative demand’?
A Consumers are unaware uninterested in a product
B Consumers begin to buy a product less frequently
C Consumers do not at all buy a product
D Consumers dislike a product and may even pay to avoid it
E purchases vary on a seasonal basis

Answer: Option [D]
97 The target group for a car loan is
A all students
B all high income individuals
C all PPL persons
D bliral persons
E all car dealers

Answer: Option [B]
98 Target group means
A group of people likely to buy the identified product
B all the marketing staff
C short-listed group
D all employees
E sales representatives

Answer: Option [A]
99 The best promotional tool in any marketing is
A public relations
B advertisement
C viral marketing
D word of mouth publicity
E e-promotion

Answer: Option [B]
100 4Ps of marketing means
A promoting authority
B purpose, place, passion and product
C person, place, product and promotion
D primary marketing techniques
E none of the above

Answer: Option [E]

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