Marketing Aptitude - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answers for SBI Exam | Page-13

121 Customization result in
A better balance sheet figures
B customer retention
C better technology
D customer exit
E customer complains

Answer: Option [A]
122 Mutual funds investment can be effectively canvassed among
A students availing education loans
B HNI customers
C only salaried persons
D poor farmers
E sunrise industries

Answer: Option [C]
123 In a saving account, money can be deposited on
A quarterly basis
B annual basis
C as per the convenience of the depositor
D monthly basis
E in one lump sum

Answer: Option [C]
124 Market space means
A road shows
B place where goods are sold
C scope available for selling
D competition
E trade fairs and melas

Answer: Option [C]
125 The target group for tractor loans is
A farm labourers
B cold storage plant
C agriculture colleges
D farmers with large land holding
E vegetable vendors

Answer: Option [A]
126 Target market of education loan is
A delivery person
B prospective buyers
C all salespersons
D all school students
E all customers

Answer: Option [B]
127 The target group for personal loans is
A newborn infants
B all private limited companies
C minor children
D all salaried person
E all businessmen

Answer: Option [D]
128 The target group for a car loans is
A all car dealers
B all BPL person
C all high income individuals
D blind person
E all students

Answer: Option [C]
129 The segmentation of market based on the gender of the customers is a type of
A demographic segmentation
B life style segmentation
C price segmentation
D geographic segmentation
E psychographic segmentation

Answer: Option [A]
130 Which among the following feature of good forecasting mode?
A Economy
B Availability
C Simplicity
D Accuracy
E All of the above

Answer: Option [E]