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Marketing Aptitude - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answers for SBI Exam | Page-14

131 Market information means
A Knowledge of related markets
B Knowledge level of marketing staff
C Information about marketing staff
D Information regarding share market
E All of the above

Answer: Option [E]
132 Sales forecasting involves
A sales planning
B distribution channels
C sales pricing
D All of the above
E None of the above

Answer: Option [D]
133 A marketing plan is necessary for
A to decide product strategy
B to decide advertising strategy
C to decide marketing strategies
D having a focused approached to marketing
E All of the above

Answer: Option [E]
134 Market size also means
A market space
B market distribution
C market pricing
D market channel
E market planning

Answer: Option [B]
135 The goods which are used for their production are called
A capital goods
B derived goods
C market goods
D durable goods
E consumer goods

Answer: Option [A]
136 A fall in the market share implies
A business is wound up
B competition has increased
C profit has gone up
D prices are erratic
E sales have gone up

Answer: Option [B]
137 Electrical goods such as TVs, videos, stereo system, etc. used for home entertainment are knows as
A green goods
B blue goods
C white goods
D red goods
E brown goods

Answer: Option [D]
138 Telemarketing involves
A high level of motivation
B event management
C good communication skills
D door to door campaigns
E All of the above

Answer: Option [C]
139 For online marketing ……is the most effective
A credit card
B saving accounts
C NRI deposits
D business accounts
E housing loans

Answer: Option [A]
140 Object of digital marketing are
A anticipating the market
B outdoor marketing
C cold calling
D web designing
E online marketing

Answer: Option [E]

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