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Marketing Aptitude - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answers for SBI Exam | Page-16

151 Efficient marketing style requires
A ignorant customers
B arrogant staff
C good debating skills
D proper planning
E knowledge of many language

Answer: Option [C]
152 A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) is required to be adopt in
A OTP marketing
B communication skills
C surrogates marketing
D training skills
E market research

Answer: Option [B]


153 ‘Benchmark’ mean
A Standard value for comparison
B Marks given to sales person
C Sales performance measurement
D Automation
E Appraisal

Answer: Option [A]
154 Communication skills in the cash of a DSA means
A sending good SMS messages
B being talkative
C ability to convince the customer with the right choice of works
D being multi linguist
E giving lengthy speeches

Answer: Option [C]
155 A DSA’s (Direct Selling Agent’s) main job is
A to do market survey
B to earn incentives
C to design
D to call to the target group
E to distribute profits

Answer: Option [D]
156 Telemarketing campaigns as are resorted to
A increase cold calls
B reach a larger clientele
C avoid face-to-face interactions
D reduce profits
E avoid ‘buyer resistance’

Answer: Option [E]
157 One of the following is not required in a good sales person. Find the same
A courteous nature
B sympathetic approach
C persuasion skills
D perseverance
E good communication skills

Answer: Option [B]
158 An audio and video advertising announcement usually presented on television, radio or I a movie theatre is called
A banner
B commercial
C publicity
D creative
E sponsorship

Answer: Option [C]
159 The meaning of ‘conversion’ in terms of sales is
A converting sellers into purchasers
B designing new products
C converting perspective customers into purchasers
D conversion of religion
E converting purchaser into sellers

Answer: Option [C]
160 Find the correct sentence.
A mission statement is part of a Market Plan
B higher the price, higher are the sales
C more sales persons lead to more sales
D better sales incentives means better performance
E all customers are profitable customers

Answer: Option [D]


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