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NCERT - Biotechnology Principles and Processes Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

91 Crop plants grown in monoculture are
1 Characterized by poor root system
2 Free from intraspecific competition
3 Low in yield
4 Highly prone to pests

Answer: Highly prone to pests
92 Cellular totipotency is demonstrated by
1 All plant cells
2 Only gymnosperm cells
3 All eukaryotic cells
4 Only bacterial cells

Answer: All plant cells
93 Emasculation is related to
1 Clonal selection
2 Mass selection
3 Pure line
4 Hybridization

Answer: Hybridization
94 The two strands of DNA are held together by bonds of
1 Nitrogen
2 Oxygen
3 Hydrogen
4 Carbon

Answer: Hydrogen
95 Differentiation of organs and tissues in a developing organism, is associated with
1 Differential expression of genes
2 Developmental mutations
3 Deletion of genes
4 Lethal mutations

Answer: Differential expression of genes
96 The first hormone artificially produced by bacteria is
1 insulin
2 thyroxin
3 adrenalin
4 testosterone

Answer: insulin
97 Which of the following terms is used to describe the component isolated from a plant, for in vitro culturing in the specific medium?
1 Synthetic seeds
2 Embryoid
3 Callus
4 Explant

Answer: Explant
98 There is a restriction endonuclease called EcoRI. What does "co" part in it stand for?
1 coli
2 colon
3 coelom
4 coenzyme

Answer: coli
99 Meristem culture is practiced in horticulture to get
1 Slow-growing callus
2 Somaclonal variation
3 Haploids
4 Virus-free plants

Answer: Virus-free plants
100 The first transgenic crop was
1 Pea
2 Tobacco
3 Flax
4 Cotton

Answer: Tobacco
101 Nucleic acid segment tagged with a radioactive molecule is called
1 plasmid
2 probe
3 clone
4 vector

Answer: probe
102 Micropropagation is a technique
1 for production of true to type plants
2 for production of haploid plant
3 for production of Somatic hybrids
4 for production of Somaclonal plants

Answer: for production of true to type plants
103 Genomics is the study of
1 Genes in general
2 Human genes
3 Genomes in general
4 Human genome

Answer: Genomes in general
104 Transgenic plants are developed by
1 Introducing foreign genes
2 Introducing gene mutations
3 Deleting certain chromosomes parts
4 Stopping spindle formation

Answer: Introducing foreign genes
105 Which one of the following hydrolyses internal phosphodiester bonds in a polynucleotide chain?
1 Exonuclease
2 Protease
3 Lipase
4 Endonuclease

Answer: Endonuclease

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