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NCERT - Biotechnology Principles and Processes Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

106 What is true of plasmid?
1 Part of nuclear chromosome
2 Contains genes for vital activities
3 Found in viruses
4 Widely used in gene transfer

Answer: Widely used in gene transfer
107 The most common substrate used in distilleries for the production of ethanol is
1 Molasses
2 Corn meal
3 Soya meal
4 Ground gram

Answer: Molasses
108 Somaclonal variation appears in plants
1 Transformed by recombinant DNA technology
2 Growing in polluted soil or water
3 Exposed to gamma rays
4 Raised in tissue culture

Answer: Raised in tissue culture
109 The enzyme employed for amplification of DNA during PCR is commercially obtained from
1 Trichoderma reesei
2 Bacillus licheniformis
3 Streptococcus pyogenes
4 Thermus aquaticus

Answer: Thermus aquaticus
110 Cry genes or Bt genes are obtained from
1 Cotton pest
2 Tobacco plant
3 Bacillus thuringiensis
4 E – Col

Answer: Bacillus thuringiensis
111 Tobacco plants resistant to a nematode have been developed by the introduction of DNA that produced (in the host cells)
1 An antifeedant
2 A particular hormone
3 Both sense and anti-sense RNA
4 A toxic protein

Answer: Both sense and anti-sense RNA
112 Maximum number of existing transgenic animals is of
1 Pig
2 Fish
3 Mice
4 Cow

Answer: Mice
113 Plasmids are suitable vectors for gene cloning because
1 these can shuttle between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
2 these are small circular DNA molecules with their own replication origin site
3 these are small circular DNA molecules, which can integrate with host chromosomal DNA
4 these often carry antibiotic resistance genes

Answer: these are small circular DNA molecules with their own replication origin site
114 A regulatory body working under MoEF for the release of transgenic crops is

Answer: GEAC
115 Which enzyme is useful in genetic engineering?
1 DNAase
2 Amylase
3 Lipase
4 Restriction endonuclease

Answer:Restriction endonuclease
116 The nitrogen base which is absent in RNA is
1 Cytosine
2 Adenine
3 Guanine
4 Thymine

Answer: Thymine
117 One of the following processes involves southern blotting technique
1 rDNA technology
2 DNA finger printing
3 production of transgenic plants
4 formation of suspension culture

Answer: DNA finger printing
118 Which is related to genetic engineering?
1 Plastid
2 Plasmid
3 Heterosis
4 Mutation

Answer: Plasmid
119 Cry1 endotoxins obtained from Bacillus Thuringiensis are effective against:
1 Flies
2 Mosquitoes
3 Boll worms
4 Nematodes

Answer: Boll worms
120 The plant 'Brassica napus' has been modified to produce ______.
1 Vitamin A
2 hirudin
3 lysine rich seeds
4 insulin

Answer: hirudin

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