Constitutional Development of India - Indian Polity Objective Questions and Answers | Page-11

101 Evaluate the following statements:
I. The legal interpretation of equality is chiefly influenced by equally before law and equal protection of law
II. Equality before law means rule of law
A I is correct but II is incorrect
B II is correct but I is incorrect
C Both are correct
D Both are incorrect

Answer: Option [C]
102 Which State enjoys the distinction of being the first linguistic state of India ?
A Kerala
B Tamil Nadu
C West Bengal
D Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Option [D]
103 When a constitutional amendment bill goes to the President, he
A Is bound to give his assent
B Can withhold his assent
C Can delay it for not more than six months
D Can return it to the Parliament for reconsideration

Answer: Option [A]
104 “The Federal System with strong Centre” has been borrowed by the Indian Constitution from
A France
B Canada
C United Kingdom
D United States of America

Answer: Option [B]
105 Which of the following rights is not granted by the Constitution of India at present as a fundamental right ?
A Right to freedom
B Right to equality
C Right to property
D Right against exploitation

Answer: Option [C]
106 Which among the following rights comes in to the category of public litigation petition before high court of Supreme Court ?
A against a general topic.
B against political interference.
C against the decision of lower court.
D The challenge to election of the office bearers of a political party.

Answer: Option [A]
107 What is the period with in which a proclamation of national emergency made by the president is to be placed before each house of the parliament for approval ?
A within one month
B within two months
C within four months
D within six months.

Answer: Option [A]
108 What is the exact constitutional position of the Indian republic when the constitution was brought into force with effect from 26th January 1950 ?
A A democratic republic
B A sovereign democratic republic
C A sovereign secular democratic republic
D A sovereign secular socialist democratic republic

Answer: Option [B]
109 Fabianism is closely related to:
A Fascism
B Liberalism
C Scientific socialism
D Democratic socialism

Answer: Option [D]
110 The federal structure for India was first put forward by the:
A Act of 1909
B Act of 1919
C Act of 1935
D Act of 1947

Answer: Option [C]

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