Constitutional Development of India - Indian Polity Objective Questions and Answers | Page-9

81 The objectives of Indian Planning are
A Increasing national income
B Elimination of poverty
C Reducing inequalities in income and wealth
D All of the above

Answer: Option [D]
82 The term “Fourth Estate” is used for
A Parliament
B Judiciary
C The Executive
D The press and newspaper

Answer: Option [D]
83 Through which Constitutional Amendment was the Nagarpalika Bill passed ?
A 70th
B 72nd
C 73rd
D 74th

Answer: Option [D]
84 Who can legislate on those residual matters which are not mentioned in Central/ State/ Concurrent lists ?
A Parliament alone
B State legislatures exclusively
C Parliament or State legislatures as adjudicated by the Supreme Court
D Parliament after State legislatures concur

Answer: Option [A]
85 Which schedule of the Constitution deals with the disqualification of elected members on the ground of defection ?
A 8th
B 9th
C 10th
D 11th

Answer: Option [C]
86 According to Article 75(3) of the Constitution of India the Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to the
A Rajya Sabha
B Parliament
C President
D Lok Sabha

Answer: Option [D]

The Council of Ministers shall be collectively responsible to the House of the People(Lok Sabha). The Council of States is(Rajya Sabha).

87 Communism has given importance to
A Economic equality
B Social equality
C Natural equality
D Political equality

Answer: Option [A]
88 The two words that were inserted by the 42nd Amendment to the Preamble of the Constitution are
A Secular, Democratic
B Sovereign, Democratic
C Socialist, Secular
D Secular, Republic

Answer: Option [C]
89 Sikkim was granted statehood in the year
A 1972
B 1973
C 1974
D 1975

Answer: Option [D]
90 “From each according to his capacity, to each according to his needs” is the principle of
A Fascism
B Democracy
C Communism
D Dictatorship

Answer: Option [C]

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