Constitutional Development of India - Indian Polity Objective Questions and Answers | Page-19

181 Which one of the following ceased to be a fundamental right under the Constitution ?
A Right to Education
B Right to work
C Right to Property
D Right to Equality before Law

Answer: Option [C]
182 The idea of Lokpal is taken from
A France
B America
C Britain
D Scandinavian Countries

Answer: Option [D]
183 Which country is following One Party System ?
A Spain
B Chile
C China
D Mongolia

Answer: Option [C]
184 The mind and ideals of the framers of Constitution are reflected in the
A Preamble
B Fundamental Duties
C Fundamental Rights
D Directive Principles of State Policy

Answer: Option [A]
185 In which of the following list docs the subject ‘planning’ figure ?
A State List
B Concurrent List
C Residuary List
D Union List

Answer: Option [B]
186 Which of the following is not a Union Territory ?
A Pondicherry
B Daman and Diu
C Nagaland
D Lakshadweep

Answer: Option [C]
187 By which Constitutional Amendment Bill, did the Parliament lower the voting age from 21 to 18 years ?
A 42nd
B 44th
C 61st
D 73rd

Answer: Option [C]
188 Which of the following is not a feature of Indian Constitution ?
A Federal Government
B Presidential form of Government
C Independence of Judiciary
D Parliamentary form of Government

Answer: Option [B]
189 The Supreme Court of India was set up:
A By the Constitution
B By the law of President
C By the Presidential Order
D By the Act of 1947

Answer: Option [A]
190 Indian Constitution is:
A Federal
B Quasi Federal
C Unitary
D Presidential

Answer: Option [B]

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