Constitutional Development of India - Indian Polity Objective Questions and Answers | Page-23

221 Article 1 of the Constitution of India declares India to be a
A Union of States
B Federal State
C Quasi-Federal State
D Unitary State

Answer: Option [A]
222 Residuary powers in the Indian Constitution have been assigned to
A State Legislatures only
B Union Parliament only
C Both Union Parliament and State Legislatures
D None of the above

Answer: Option [B]
223 The phrase “equality before law” used in Article- 14 of Indian Constitution has been borrowed from ______
A U.S.A.
B Germany
C Britain
D Greece

Answer: Option [C]
224 The playing time (in second) of the full version of Indian National Anthem is
A 60
B 52
C 55
D 57

Answer: Option [B]
225 The number of subjects incorporated in the Union List is
A 97
B 102
C 82
D 89

Answer: Option [A]
226 Democratic Socialism aims at
A Bringing about Socialism through peaceful means
B Bringing about Socialism through violent and peaceful means
C Bringing about Socialism through violent means
D Bringing about Socialism through democratic means

Answer: Option [D]
227 How many items are there in the Union List ?
A 52
B 66
C 97
D 99

Answer: Option [C]
228 How many times was the Preamble of the Constitution amended so far ?
A Once
B Two times
C Three times
D Not amended

Answer: Option [A]
229 When did the Constitution Assembly adopt National Anthem ?
A 29th January 1950
B 26th January 1950
C 25th January 1950
D 24th January 1950

Answer: Option [D]
230 In which year were the States recognized on a linguistic basis ?
A 1947
B 1950
C 1951
D 1956

Answer: Option [D]

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