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NCERT - Human Reproduction Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

136 Which part of ovary in mammals acts as an endocrine gland after ovulation?
1 Stroma
2 Germinal epithelium
3 Vitelline membrane
4 Graafian follicle

Answer: Graafian follicle
137 What is true for cleavage?
1 Size of embryo increases
2 Size of cells decreases
3 Size of cells increases
4 Size of embryo decreases

Answer: Size of cells decreases
138 Coelom derived from blastocoels is known as
1 schizocoel
2 pseudocoelom
3 haemocoel
4 enterocoelom

Answer: pseudocoelom
139 Human eggs are
1 Mesolecithel
2 Microlecithel
3 Macrolecithel
4 Alecithal

Answer: Alecithal
140 Correct sequence of hormone secretion from beginning of menstruation is
1 FSH, progesterone, estrogen
2 Estrogen, FSH, progesterone
3 FSH, estrogen progesterone
4 Estrogen, progesterone, FSH

Answer: FSH, estrogen progesterone
141 Ovulation in the human female normally takes place during the menstrual cycle
1 At the end of the proliferative phase
2 At the beginning of the proliferative phase
3 Just before the end of the secretory cycle
4 At the mid secretory phase

Answer: At the end of the proliferative phase
142 The Leydig cells as found in the human body are the secretory source of
1 Glucagon
2 Androgens
3 Progesterone
4 Intestinal mucus

Answer: Androgens
143 The correct sequence of spermatogenetic stages leading to the formation of sperms in a mature human testis is
1 Spermatogonia-spermatid-spermatocyte-sperms
2 Spermatocyte-spermatogonia-spermatid-sperms
3 Spermatogonia-spermatocyte-spermatid-sperms
4 Spermatid-spermatocyte-spermatogonia-sperms

Answer: Spermatogonia-spermatocyte-spermatid-sperms
144 Where do the female gonads (paired ovaries) lie?
1 Pelvic cavity
2 Thoracic cavity
3 Abdominal cavity
4 Scrotal sacs

Answer: Pelvic cavity
145 Which one of the followings regarding 'Estrogen' is correct?
1 Causes the endometrium to rebuild
2 Has no effect on the Wolffian duct
3 Maintains the secondary sexual characteristics in female
4 All of these

Answer: All of these
146 Corpus leteum develops from
1 Oocyte
2 Nephrostome
3 Graafian follicle
4 None of the above

Answer: Graafian follicle
147 Which of the following are secretions produced by the spermatozoa at the time of fertilization?
1 Fertilizin and sperm lysin
2 Anti-fertilizin and sperm lysin
3 Fertilizin and anti-fertilizin
4 Only sperm lysin

Answer: Anti-fertilizin and sperm lysin
148 About 60% of the semen is formed by secretion of
1 Cowper’s gland
2 Seminiferous tubule
3 Prostate gland
4 Seminal vesicles

Answer: Seminal vesicles
149 Corpus luteum disintegrates due to non-availability of
3 Progesterone
4 LH

Answer: LH
150 After ovulation, Graafian follicle forms
1 Corpus luteum
2 Corpus albicans
3 Corpus artesia
4 Corpus callosum

Answer: Corpus luteum

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