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NCERT - Human Reproduction Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

211 The type of connective tissue that is associated with the Umbilical cord is:
1 Adipose connective tissue
2 Jelly-like connective tissue
3 Areolar connective tissue
4 Reticular connective tissue

Answer: Jelly-like connective tissue
212 1 Cells of corona radiata remain grouped together by
1 Pectins
2 Lipids
3 Hyaluronidase
4 Hyaluronic acid

Answer: Hyaluronic acid
213 Capacitation of sperm occurs in
1 Vagina
2 Female genital tract
3 Vas efferens
4 Vas deferens

Answer: Female genital tract
214 When released from ovary, human egg contains
1 One Y chromosome
2 Two X chromosomes
3 One X chromosome
4 XY chromosome

Answer: One X chromosome
215 Which one of the following statement is correct?
1 Spermatogenesis is the formation of sperm cells.
2 Spermatogenesis occurs in the seminiferous tubules
3 Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSh) indirectly stimulates spermatogenesis.
4 All of these are correct

Answer: All of these are correct
216 Corpus luteum secretes hormone
1 Estrogen
2 Progesterone
4 LH

Answer: Estrogen
217 Which one of the followings is incorrectly matched regarding male reproductive organs?
1 Testes: Sperm and sex hormones are produced
2 Epididymis: Ducts where sperm mature
3 Prostate gland: Contributes fluid to semen
4 Urethra: Contributes nutrients and mucus-containing fluid to semen

Answer: Urethra: Contributes nutrients and mucus-containing fluid to semen
218 Corpus luteum develops under the influence of
1 Progesterone
2 Estrogen
4 LH

Answer: LH
219 Cells of Leydig occur in
1 Liver
2 Ovary
3 Testis
4 Spleen

Answer: Testis
220 Correct sequence of embryo development:
1 Gamete → Zygote → Morula → Blastula → Gastrula
2 Gamete → Zygote → Blastula → Morula → Gastrula
3 Gamete → Neurula → Gastrula
4 Gamete → Neurula → Morula

Answer: Gamete → Zygote → Morula → Blastula → Gastrula
221 The chemical substance released by activated spermatozoa that acts on the ground substances of the follicle cells is known as
1 Progesterone
2 Hyaluronidase
3 Relaxin
4 Gonadotropin

Answer: Hyaluronidase
222 Human seminal plasma, the fluid part of semen, is produced by contributions from the:
I. Urethra
II. Prostate
III. Seminal vesicle
IV. Bulbourethral gland

1 I and III
2 I and IV
3 I, III and IV
4 II, III and IV

Answer: II, III and IV
223 Accessory genital gland found only in males is
1 Cowper’s gland
2 Bartholin’s gland
3 Perineal gland
4 Prostate gland

Answer: Prostate gland
224 Which one of the following events occurs in luteal phase (or secretory phase) of the menstrual cycle?
1 Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) secretion begins
2 Follicle maturation takes place
3 Corpus luteum forms
4 Endometrium breaks down

Answer: Corpus luteum forms
225 Usually the first movements of the foetus and appearance of hair on its head are usually observed during which month of pregnancy?
1 Third month
2 Fourth month
3 Fifth month
4 Sixth month

Answer: Fifth month

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